Micromechanical solution for simulating autogenous healing in cementitious materials
Robert Davies  1@  , Anthony Jefferson  1@  
1 : Cardiff University  (CU)  -  Website
Cardiff University, School of Engineering, Research Office, Queen's Buildings, Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AA -  United Kingdom

Self-healing cementitious materials could greatly improve the durability properties of concrete structures relative to those constructed with conventional cementitious composites. However, there is a need to understand better the healing processes, to predict accurately experimental behaviour and to determine the impact on mechanical properties. Micromechanical modelling, with a two-phase Eshelby inclusion solution, is chosen as a suitable framework within which to explore such a response in cementitious materials. A constitutive material model is described, consideration is given to a self-healing model framework and how the mechanical strength recovery of a micro-cracked material can be simulated with a simplified volumetric micromechanical model.

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