Solution of three dimensional transient heat diffusion problems using enriched finite element method
Muhammad Iqbal  1, *@  , Heiko Gimperlein  1@  , Shadi Mohamed  1@  , Omar Laghrouche  1@  
1 : Heriot Watt University  (HW)  -  Website
Riccarton, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS -  United Kingdom
* : Corresponding author

We propose an enriched finite element method for the solution of three dimensional transient heat diffusion problems.
We use multiple exponential functions to enrich the solution space. Spatial and temporal diffusion decay are
embedded in the finite element solution space using these enrichment functions which present a much efficient
and simpler approach and yields better results as compared to classical FEM for a prescribed number of DoFs.
We present results for an example problem with known analytical solution. Problem is solved with both FEM
and enriched FEM. It is shown that for prescribed level of accuracy, the enriched FEM much less no of DoFs as
compared to FEM.

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